Demo FishinoHomeAuto

What is FishinoHomeAuto ?

is a simple domotic application for Fishino boards.
It creates a simple web server over which you can control some board's digital outputs and read both analog and digital inputs.
In this example we've created a web page with a picture of a flat with some interactive lights and a thermometer which displays one room's temperature.
The demo, as we will see on following pages, is completely configurable by a simple text file on your microSD card which contains also an html file, some images and some javascript components.
We start with demo setup and first usage, then we'll analyze the various elements and the customization procedure.
Demo setup

You need a microSD card on which you shall put demo files.
You can gather the example inside Fishino's library, folder examples/FishinoHomeAuto. The files for microSD card are all located in STATIC subfolder and must be copied in SD root folder; DO NOT copy the whole STATIC folder, just the single files. You shall get the content as shown in image here at left.
By now we don't change anything, we can see the flat's picture, the lamps (both on and off), the thermometer and some other files.