Torpedo is An universal switching power supply for Fishino/Arduino boards and other 5 Volt appliances. It brings UPS supply to your Fishino/Arduino boards.

Technical specs:
Single cell LiPo battery connector

A single cell LiPo battery input, with on-board charger, allows uninterrupted power supply for your Fishino/Arduino boards.

Pass-through USB connector

A pass-through USB connector allows powering of current-hungry USB devices even if your USB host doesn’t have enough capabilities.

Plug for external power supply

Can be powered externally with a wide voltage range, from 3.5 Volts up to more than 20 Volts.

800 mA output current

Torpedo can source up to 800 mA of output current, and up to 1 A if powered with more than about 6.5 Volts.

5 Volt output

Torpedo has a 5 Volts standard output, both over the female USB and the screw connectors.

High performance switching technology

Torpedo uses switching technology with a conversion efficiency from about 80% up to 95%, allowing long lasting battery operation.

Electronic schematics, Eagle files and board pinouts